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All courses are available via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype or I can create a video for you to follow.



Prices start at just £25.00 an hour

Discounts for longer courses

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Question Mark - Ask anything about Adobe 


per hour

Are you the person that doesn’t need to know everything about Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop?

Why waste time with long courses, let me teach you the things you WANT to know


I can offer online courses that tailor the individual needs should you be stuck with a few issues


Let me know what you want to learn rather than following a course with things you might not ever use.

Basic Photoshop/ Basic Illustrator/ Mix of both

2 Hour Course


For those who are new to the apps, I offer ways of understanding the power of these programs and how they can work for you, step by step, at your own pace with no terminology that will confuse…promise

In this course we will cover:

  • The Panels you need.

  • Create your own Workspace.

  • Understanding the Preferences Panel and what to tick!

  • What do the Apps have to offer?

  • Overview of the Tools you need and the ones you don't!

  • Get Confident with the Apps, make them work for you!

  • Stop when your brain hurts!!

The In-between Course - Not so much Advanced but a bit more than Basic.

2 Hour Course


Been using the apps for a while? Ready for the next phase?

Sure, you want to learn more…

This is the course for you, includes lots of buzz words like Raster/Vector

see if you can count them


In this course we will cover:

  • Use the Brush tool with a Wacom Tablet.

  • Layer Masks - How to use and not be afraid of them.

  • Draw paths with confidence using the Pen / Pencil Tool.

  • Hints and tips along the way.

  • Selections.

  • Blending Modes.

 The "What is Advanced anyway?" Course - There's always something new to learn!

2 Hour Course


This is for you guys who are not impressed with beginner and basic, those of you who have seen everything in these apps. The ultimate advanced course will give you the tools to achieve your Adobe potential! Littered with incredible buzz words and facts, enough to test any quiz night.

In this course we will cover:

  • Colour Profiles - What they are and why you need them.

  • CMYK - RGB - LAB understanding print production.

  • Image Size - Canvas Size - PPI (what the chuff does it all mean? )

  • Advanced Blending Modes.

  • Adjustment Layers.

  • Graphic Styles.

  • Everything an Advanced course should include.

  • My head hurts can't take any more!!


Pick 'n' Mix - choose your favourites


per hour

Pick and mix from beginner to advanced, any topic you like

In this course we will cover:

  • Absolutely anything you like from any subject I cover.

Repeating Pattern - Textile/Fashion/Gift Wrap Course

2 Hour Course


let me show you how to create repeating patterns inside Illustrator and Photoshop

I will show you how to create not just pattern swatches.

More importantly make your design printable using flexography or lithography.


I will show you how to create the perfect half drop repeat pattern in Photoshop or the limitations of the pattern feature tool in illustrator.


Step and repeat that works for the print industry.

In this course we will cover:

  • Use Photoshop to create seamless half drop patterns.

  • Have a look at Illustrator's Make Pattern feature.

  • Pattern Swatches and real world patterns for manufacture.

  • This course will need some understanding of Illustrator and Photoshop.